Peter Hackes

Founder and President
United States

Peter Hackes is the founder of Performedia, which is based in the Washington, D.C. area, but they capture video and webcast events all over the US, and in other countries, as well. Peter started out as a producer at ABC News in Washington, and went on to become a television correspondent, becoming Entertainment Tonight's Washington correspondent for 3 years, generating about 75 video segments per year. He later moved to Los Angeles for 7 years where he was a Line Producer and Segment Producer, working on network and syndicated news and magazine shows. He later moved back to DC, where he founded LearningStream, which created and streamed online learning content. In 2003, he founded Performedia, which includes on its list such clients as AARP, 1105 Media, UBM, Hanley Wood, IBM, Symantec Corp, Microsoft and others.

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